Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update on my clay expansions

Hi everyone, sorry i've been away, I have a good reason this time! I know I haven't posted much as far as my clay work but I do have a lot more then what is on this blog. I've branched out from the few clay snakes you've seen into another favorite hobby of mine which is video games (currently been making pokemon figurines)

I finally decided to promote my stuff and made a facebook page for my work and even though it has only been a week and a half i've have had a big response. Not only am I looking at a big order to fill for a birthday but I was also signed up for a craft show at the end of the month, so i've been busy trying to plan and stock up on things.

Currently I my plan is to stick with reptile related jewelery as well as game related stuff and food stuff, I hope to stock necklaces, earrings, keychains, pins, magnets and wall hangings. There isn't much as of right now as I am waiting on my supply order to actually start making my products for the table but I hope to have a list of things I can make as well as prices.

I am currently trying to promote using my deviant and tumblr which are linked to this blog as well as the facebook page which for now I will leave secret. Anyway I bet you guys are looking for some pictures!

For now I will post some of my better pokemon pieces as well as some updated snake pieces! I hope you guys like them!

 My Favorite Piece I've ever made :

I feel this applies to the sweet shot tuesday theme of "Yes time" since I'm not usually one to really push forward with things and I'm very quick to give up. This is finally me saying "Yes, i'm going to do this, Yes I'm going to put my all into it" And here is hoping it takes me somewhere

Sweet Shot Day

Monday, April 30, 2012

More Macro

So not much new, still playing around with my macro lens :P and I have some nice pictures to show for it. In other news I made a facebook page for my clay art, there is a bit on my blog so far but the majority I haven't uploaded yet, I'm hoping for some local public interest so that I have a reason to really keep up with it.

 The new baby's feeding day is here, I'm excited to see what he is like feeding (aggressive, or shy), I'm hoping he wont do a 360 after getting some food into him, I don't want him turning back into that scary monster from the box :P. Reminds me I still need to upload that video for you all to see though seems like the majority of you guys don't like snakes...oh well.

The pictures I have are only of Andarist and Thil so there isn't as much variety but I am getting better at composition then I was so they are better in my opinion then my last batch. I still have to work on it, I've been telling my fiancee I need more babies so I have a bigger variety to take pictures of, so far he hasn't agreed :(

Anyway Pictures!!!!

Hope You Guys Like Them!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthdays, Baby, Bonus

     So this week has been pretty exciting, firstly I just want to say Happy birthday to Anomander, my boa, who turned 1 on the 24th, didn't get any birthday pictures of him sadly due to it also being feeding day but atleast he did get a 'cake' in the form of a rat :P. I cant believe he is a year old, still so small, I've had him since October '11 but he has grown. He will always be a bit on the small side due to genetics as he is a smaller type of boa but his size will still be considerable.

     The next two pieces of business take place on thursday. First and foremost Andarist has arrived :D! Happy birthday to him also as he arrive on the 26th which is also his birthday, he turned one. Andarist was a quite a feisty little baby when we unboxed him (I have a video and might upload it) striking and attacking everything, my friend eventually had to use and oven mitt to subdue him. I got him home and into his tub and he settled right down, he has shown no aggression since and is actually quite the joy to handle. I snuck a quick picture once I got him home and he got settled, I was still nervous of him so excuse the bad quality.

This is a shot I took after letting him settle a bit more and he started getting more curious of me.                    

    So later that day, after the baby was settled I went to pick up my other baby, a Sigma 105mm, a used lens but in almost perfect condition! I didn't get to play much with it till last night and took about 147 shots, only ended up like like 8 :P. I need to work at composing photo and also need to invest in a flash and tripod. All the following photos were taken in a light box, handheld and with the normal flash on the camera. Anyway enjoy and be assured there will be many more photos to follow.



Happily Mother After Sweet Shot Day

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some flowers, snakes and sorrows

I was awake far to early and have seems to acquire a headache due to it. I've been waiting for our money to transfer from our account to our paypal for almost a week so we could secure the shipping of our newest addition. Its the final day for the money to go through if we wish to have him shipped wednesday and arrive thursday and it just doesn't seem to want to work for me, one of the many bad luck situation I seem to be having.

Last week I had ordered a flash I was supposed to have my name on but apparently I didn't have my name on at all, which doesn't seem all that big of a deal but it was a nice flash at a good price and something I doubt I will get again. The I managed to find an amazing lens for a ridiculous price and put my name on it but its the same situation, they placed an order to have it shipped to my store and told me its being shipped but they can't tell me if I'm the one getting it or not so I have to wait till possibly this week or next to find out.

Finally on top of all this we finally found a perfect apartment, perfect price, place and permissions (pets) and 20 other people have shown interest in 15 hours. We've been looking for a reptile friendly place for months and the one that comes up that is perfect will more then likely go to someone who doesn't even have pets.

Anyway enough of my whining, I want to share my reasons for being happy with you, my babies. I bought a fake log and some fake flowers and had a little shoot. Not everyone was up for it and only a few shots came out to my liking but pictures are pictures right! Anyway I hope you enjoy!

Brood was not into having his picture taken at all and hid the whole time he was in the box :\

Pearl on the other hand didn't want to pose but atleast didn't hide his face like his brother. I like this picture, it has a nice background type feel to it.

Anomander as usual was a camera ham and was posing all over the place, lots of photos but these were my favorites, he is actually the only one who I seem to be able to get a picture of with his tongue out :P

Hope you guys like the photos, I really like this set up and plan to experiment with it more!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gardens and Museum

Today my fiancee, mother and I went out since we were all off and it was a nice day. First we stopped at the public gardens, which is about a block of trees and flowers with a little pond. The flowers weren't in bloom and there wasn't that much for wildlife around but it was fun and I can't wait to go back and see it in its full glory. Pictures were a little hard to take due to the sun not working with me well and shadows being hard but I got a few shots I was happy with.

After the gardens we took another trip to the Museum (if you look a few posts back you will see some pictures from our previous visit. This trip I was able to play with my lighting abit and the pictures are brighter but I feel they lost a lot quality as I liked them better with the darkness. Oh well still got a few shots I liked but not much at all.


 Anyway I hope you guys liked the pictures, on a sad note I seem to have missed out on my flash but I have good news on a potential macro lens that I have my name on and might be getting so fingers crossed.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge my3boybarians.com

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet Shot and good news

I'll start with the good news, or should I say GREAT news. If anyone remembers way back in January I made a post about a new baby I put money on (Boa constrictor) well he is finally paid off and is set to be shipped on April 25th, arriving on the 26th which happens to be his first birthday. He is a big fell, two days younger then my current Boa Anomander but the new little guy (Andarist) is what looks to be almost twice as big (Hard to tell from photos but he is much bigger). This is due to genetics though and isn't a health concern, one is just bred to be smaller. I have his home almost completely set up, I need some hide to fit him though which is proving to be harder then first thought and also need to try and find him a water bowl, other then that his home is patiently waiting for him as am I. I have a few shots from the breeder but expect lots more when he arrives.
I will also be sure to upload a video of me unpacking him so stay tuned for that!

6 days, 16 hours :D

Also good news is my flash should be here tomorrow so expect some awesome photos (I hope) from now on :D as well as photos from our trips to the museum again on saturday, this time it is with my family so there will be more time to plan and take pictures of everything unlike last time where I was rushed.

Anyway to finish of this post I want to post my sweet shot, its of a black bird cleaning himself. Didn't come out to well as it was taken with my 55-300mm zoom lens and at full zoom plus cropping so it came out noisy but I like it none the less.

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