Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update on my clay expansions

Hi everyone, sorry i've been away, I have a good reason this time! I know I haven't posted much as far as my clay work but I do have a lot more then what is on this blog. I've branched out from the few clay snakes you've seen into another favorite hobby of mine which is video games (currently been making pokemon figurines)

I finally decided to promote my stuff and made a facebook page for my work and even though it has only been a week and a half i've have had a big response. Not only am I looking at a big order to fill for a birthday but I was also signed up for a craft show at the end of the month, so i've been busy trying to plan and stock up on things.

Currently I my plan is to stick with reptile related jewelery as well as game related stuff and food stuff, I hope to stock necklaces, earrings, keychains, pins, magnets and wall hangings. There isn't much as of right now as I am waiting on my supply order to actually start making my products for the table but I hope to have a list of things I can make as well as prices.

I am currently trying to promote using my deviant and tumblr which are linked to this blog as well as the facebook page which for now I will leave secret. Anyway I bet you guys are looking for some pictures!

For now I will post some of my better pokemon pieces as well as some updated snake pieces! I hope you guys like them!

 My Favorite Piece I've ever made :

I feel this applies to the sweet shot tuesday theme of "Yes time" since I'm not usually one to really push forward with things and I'm very quick to give up. This is finally me saying "Yes, i'm going to do this, Yes I'm going to put my all into it" And here is hoping it takes me somewhere

Sweet Shot Day