Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reptile Jewelery 3

So i've been very busy making a lot of new things these past two days, looking into making an esty to see if there is any interest in buying or order some things.

So far its been a very fun process and I feel like I have improved a lot as far as color, blending, texture, pattern and general shaping. Anyway I don't want to random so I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy and if you like anything you see and would like me to attempt making something for you be it snake or something else please feel free to message me and I will be more then happy to give it a shot :D. These are all necklace pendants but I plan on making some earrings and bracelets as well!


Eyelash Viper

Durango Kingsnake

Parias flavomaculatus

Mangrove Snake

Kenyan Sand Boa

Red Green Tree Python Neonate

Sweet Shot Day

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clay Jewelery 2

So its my second day with the clay and I feel I have made some improvements. I can add colors now without deforming the snake and have also made my first piece with some scale detailing. Anyway here are some random pictures of what I did today :

My first attempt at fixing my color issues, I decided to try mixing the colors in, other then the face being weird and the snake itself to skinny I love how well the pattern came out (Pastel Ball python)

This is my second attempt at a bracelet (orange ring was my first to get a size that would fit) Tried more detail on the head and added a tongue, don't really like it but its alright I guess.
(Green Tree Python)

This is my California King Snake, showing off my new and improved color adding technique that unlike my previous attempts I was able to save the shape of the snake while adding the colored detail, its also my first scale attempt. I really like this piece.

Finally this is my work in progress, i'm still trying to perfect my color adding technique as well as being able to make a snake thicker but shaped right from head to tail without looking odd. Its not done by any means and looks terrible right now but I think its going to turn out well (Blood python)

I celebrated 100 tuesday's by making myself and my mother some jewelery :D
Sweet Shot Day

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clay Jewelery

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around its been a busy couple weeks. There is a bus strike so money has been tight and we haven't had a way to get around so nothing very fun has been happening. But i'm back now and want to share my new found hobby : Clay.

I've been inspired to start creating clay jewelery (mostly reptile for now but I hope to expand). I only started today (about two hours ago) and made a few things I would like to share, hope you guys like it :

First thing I made was a snail (not very good) :

Then I made a pea pod which I like and think turned out well :

My mother wanted simple snake earrings, they looked better before the red I added :

And finally I made this pendant that I am really happy with and hope to add some detail too before I bake it :