Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clay Jewelery 2

So its my second day with the clay and I feel I have made some improvements. I can add colors now without deforming the snake and have also made my first piece with some scale detailing. Anyway here are some random pictures of what I did today :

My first attempt at fixing my color issues, I decided to try mixing the colors in, other then the face being weird and the snake itself to skinny I love how well the pattern came out (Pastel Ball python)

This is my second attempt at a bracelet (orange ring was my first to get a size that would fit) Tried more detail on the head and added a tongue, don't really like it but its alright I guess.
(Green Tree Python)

This is my California King Snake, showing off my new and improved color adding technique that unlike my previous attempts I was able to save the shape of the snake while adding the colored detail, its also my first scale attempt. I really like this piece.

Finally this is my work in progress, i'm still trying to perfect my color adding technique as well as being able to make a snake thicker but shaped right from head to tail without looking odd. Its not done by any means and looks terrible right now but I think its going to turn out well (Blood python)

I celebrated 100 tuesday's by making myself and my mother some jewelery :D
Sweet Shot Day

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