Sunday, April 8, 2012

Big Update

So just an update since I haven't been around in awhile, nothing has really been new and life is generally boring and repetitive which is why I haven't posted in a while, nothing worth posting.

Basically a lot of things have happened, some not really important, something things that are.

First all my babies have been growing and have been moved up to a larger food size, this caused them to recently shed (Pictures will be uploaded shortly). Also the other baby that I have been expecting since January is looking to be coming home very soon!! (I have pictures of him I will also upload in the post shed blog post).

In bigger news my mother moved up friday, it has been a bit of a busy weekend but things have been really fun, i'm hoping her and I can be close again and it looks like there will be lots of fun adventures and things to blog about as she gets used to her new home.

Since it is easter we are making turkey dinner, trying something new, a honey glazed turkey. Don't worry I plan on taking pictures to make everyones mouth water :p.

I have lots of pictures to post but I'm hoping to spread them out a bit and I also hope that I can get back into blogging and sharing my life and family.

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