Friday, April 13, 2012

New Shots of the babies!

As promised everyone has been doing some shedding and growing so I had everyone out this past week for a post shed shoot. Everyone had been bumped up to larger meals which caused a growth spurt which is a good thing. I wish I had my own house, or even lived back home again due to laws up here. I am not allowed taking my babies out in the sun unless I'm on my own property which isn't fun because I miss out on all the natural lighting! Oh well perhaps I can find a neat little hide away spot around that I can sneak them out to in the summer. Oops enough blabbing here are the photos!

Brood my almost 2 year old Spider ball python

Pearl my 7 month old Pastel Ball Python

Anomander my Het Leopard Boa Constrictor who will be turning 1 on April 24th!

Hope you all liked my pictures!


  1. I did really like these photos. We are hoping to get a python in a couple of years. We have talked about it and we would just like our toddler to be a little older so she will understand the difference in our snake and any snake she may see in the yard.

    1. I'm glad you are taking those precautions. All I can say is read and read and read, there is lots of information and now is a great time to learn. Being ready and learning about sickness and possible injuries and illnesses now will help you lots as it will help you help the snake quicker. Also depending on where you live there might be bylaws or bylaws coming. There has been lots going on in the states regarding the keeping or reptiles and lots more to come.

      Also make sure you figure out if there is a reptile vet around you, it might be tricky because there are lots that say they are but they actually aren't, i've seen many snakes die due to misdiagnoses of illness or wrong medication.

      What kind of python were you looking into?