Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet Shot and good news

I'll start with the good news, or should I say GREAT news. If anyone remembers way back in January I made a post about a new baby I put money on (Boa constrictor) well he is finally paid off and is set to be shipped on April 25th, arriving on the 26th which happens to be his first birthday. He is a big fell, two days younger then my current Boa Anomander but the new little guy (Andarist) is what looks to be almost twice as big (Hard to tell from photos but he is much bigger). This is due to genetics though and isn't a health concern, one is just bred to be smaller. I have his home almost completely set up, I need some hide to fit him though which is proving to be harder then first thought and also need to try and find him a water bowl, other then that his home is patiently waiting for him as am I. I have a few shots from the breeder but expect lots more when he arrives.
I will also be sure to upload a video of me unpacking him so stay tuned for that!

6 days, 16 hours :D

Also good news is my flash should be here tomorrow so expect some awesome photos (I hope) from now on :D as well as photos from our trips to the museum again on saturday, this time it is with my family so there will be more time to plan and take pictures of everything unlike last time where I was rushed.

Anyway to finish of this post I want to post my sweet shot, its of a black bird cleaning himself. Didn't come out to well as it was taken with my 55-300mm zoom lens and at full zoom plus cropping so it came out noisy but I like it none the less.

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