Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthdays, Baby, Bonus

     So this week has been pretty exciting, firstly I just want to say Happy birthday to Anomander, my boa, who turned 1 on the 24th, didn't get any birthday pictures of him sadly due to it also being feeding day but atleast he did get a 'cake' in the form of a rat :P. I cant believe he is a year old, still so small, I've had him since October '11 but he has grown. He will always be a bit on the small side due to genetics as he is a smaller type of boa but his size will still be considerable.

     The next two pieces of business take place on thursday. First and foremost Andarist has arrived :D! Happy birthday to him also as he arrive on the 26th which is also his birthday, he turned one. Andarist was a quite a feisty little baby when we unboxed him (I have a video and might upload it) striking and attacking everything, my friend eventually had to use and oven mitt to subdue him. I got him home and into his tub and he settled right down, he has shown no aggression since and is actually quite the joy to handle. I snuck a quick picture once I got him home and he got settled, I was still nervous of him so excuse the bad quality.

This is a shot I took after letting him settle a bit more and he started getting more curious of me.                    

    So later that day, after the baby was settled I went to pick up my other baby, a Sigma 105mm, a used lens but in almost perfect condition! I didn't get to play much with it till last night and took about 147 shots, only ended up like like 8 :P. I need to work at composing photo and also need to invest in a flash and tripod. All the following photos were taken in a light box, handheld and with the normal flash on the camera. Anyway enjoy and be assured there will be many more photos to follow.



Happily Mother After Sweet Shot Day

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