Monday, April 23, 2012

Some flowers, snakes and sorrows

I was awake far to early and have seems to acquire a headache due to it. I've been waiting for our money to transfer from our account to our paypal for almost a week so we could secure the shipping of our newest addition. Its the final day for the money to go through if we wish to have him shipped wednesday and arrive thursday and it just doesn't seem to want to work for me, one of the many bad luck situation I seem to be having.

Last week I had ordered a flash I was supposed to have my name on but apparently I didn't have my name on at all, which doesn't seem all that big of a deal but it was a nice flash at a good price and something I doubt I will get again. The I managed to find an amazing lens for a ridiculous price and put my name on it but its the same situation, they placed an order to have it shipped to my store and told me its being shipped but they can't tell me if I'm the one getting it or not so I have to wait till possibly this week or next to find out.

Finally on top of all this we finally found a perfect apartment, perfect price, place and permissions (pets) and 20 other people have shown interest in 15 hours. We've been looking for a reptile friendly place for months and the one that comes up that is perfect will more then likely go to someone who doesn't even have pets.

Anyway enough of my whining, I want to share my reasons for being happy with you, my babies. I bought a fake log and some fake flowers and had a little shoot. Not everyone was up for it and only a few shots came out to my liking but pictures are pictures right! Anyway I hope you enjoy!

Brood was not into having his picture taken at all and hid the whole time he was in the box :\

Pearl on the other hand didn't want to pose but atleast didn't hide his face like his brother. I like this picture, it has a nice background type feel to it.

Anomander as usual was a camera ham and was posing all over the place, lots of photos but these were my favorites, he is actually the only one who I seem to be able to get a picture of with his tongue out :P

Hope you guys like the photos, I really like this set up and plan to experiment with it more!

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