Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trip to Natural History Museum.

Not sure how many of you know what is going on the states right now concerning the reptile hobby. Lots of bans and bylaws being put in places by people who fear things they don't understand. Restrictions and kill clauses being put in place, pushing people to the point where they have to choose between killing an animal they love or risk being a felon if they wish to move or cross state lines for vet care.

Recently some bylaws have been hitting up north in Canada, near me, not even 20 minutes. This bylaw would have made all of my animals illegal and gave people the right to kill them on site without notifying me. Thankfully due to some amazing people this bylaw was rewritten to be much more understanding. I wont go into major details but what I have said has lead me to what this post is about. We have kicked started an old reptile society in the area, for herps (people who own reptiles) to get together and help the community to fight these bills and to help educate others about reptiles. They are bi-monthly meetings and they have only just started. The most recent one took place at our local natural history museum where a neat little exhibit was being shown. These following pictures are from that trip. I didn't have much time to look around but I do hope to go back someday soon and take some more photos. Anyway here they are :

^^^ Cutest thing ever!

Happily Mother After


  1. All of your photos are great, but I had to skip over the snake quickly!...not a big fan of them. :) But the photos were all beautiful. Great job!

    1. Why thank you :D If you don't like snakes you wont like much else about my blog :P Thanks again :D!