Thursday, April 12, 2012

Update on my Clay Jewelery

Hi guys, I thought today I would show you all some of my newer pieces (the snakes anyway) I had taken a break from clay for awhile there but got back into it recently making little pokemon charms (for those who remember them I will post them soon). Before I took my break I had made some new snake pieces that I feel are an improvement on the pieces that were posted awhile ago. I'm still not the best at it but I am learning and its really starting to come together.

I often wear some of my stuff to work and get a lot of comments on them, I also thought about making an etsy but I'm not sure if i'm quite ready for that kind of commitment just yet.

I will say for anyone out there looking for a neat little hobby and who hasn't tried clay yet you should really pick some up. I find it very relaxing and its awesome to see just what you can make when you try!

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