Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Calm Before the Storm

So tomorrow we have an 'inspection' happening which involves people coming into our apartment. You are probably thinking that's not so bad but really it could be quite problematic. As stated in an earlier post of mine my pets aren't welcome here, now I didn't choose this place nor this predicament but I wont get into it because it doesn't change anything to complain about it now.

My schedule for today is to clean and hide, hide my babies away like criminals so that I can keep living here all because people refuse to educated themselves. Obviously this is a bit of an issue for me, but I wont rant. My fiance and I have hopefully figured out a way to hide everyone while keeping them all comfortable and safe. Tomorrow will be a test of will as I sit home patiently waiting for the people to come then staying sane while they are here.

*sigh* now that that is over here are some random pictures from the last little while I thought I would share.

Not edited cause I am lazy, just wanted to give you guys an idea of his size right now.

Fid getting ready for another nap. (wasn't going to upload this one since the corner is really messed up, basically the couch was blown out and my fiance tried to teach me some tricks..)

"Hey Mom what are you doing?"

Pearl always steals the spot light from his big brother Brood.

Sweet Shot Day

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