Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding an apartment

...Is so hard. Honestly between fear and the terribly off reputation it is so hard to find an apartment that welcomes reptiles and it is so frustrating more so due to the fact that everyone's assumptions about my pets come from all the stories in the news. There is a huge difference between good keepers and bad keepers and if people took the time to look they would see this. I have had my animals for almost three years and I haven't had an escape or issue with them, they are properly housed and fed and are not aggressive (and no they wont eat babies).

Now while I understand that people have fears and that is a huge thing to them, but I am not going to be visiting you, I'm not going to be flaunting the fact I own them, I just want a place where I can live securely with my family and not worry about what is going to happen if we have a leak or some issue.

If landlords or supervisors took the time to look into reptile owners and how they take care of their animals they could have a lot more options for tenants then that have right now, it really does expand your markets options.

*end rants*

On a side note I found a wonderful new place I'm looking at as a possible new job (since I really wish to leave my current one) it is a none profit shelter that shares a lot of the same views I have and really just feels like my calling. I was hoping to hear back from them today but they are closed on Mondays so I have to sit through the anticipation till tomorrow. Wish me luck :D

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