Sunday, January 29, 2012

Catching up

Sorry for the long wait between posts, lot has happened. Nothing really worth talking about but two things : Bought my first bird feeder and visit the Clay Cafe (another post).

Basically back home I always wanted a bird feeder, I love watching them, but never had a good place or the right time to have one. Now that we moved and have a balcony I figured it was time I finally I got to have what I wanted.

Its nothing fancy just a cheap one from walmart but none the less i'm very happy with it and excited to see if it works. Also excited to get some good pictures.

Anyway only got a few pictures since its been really windy the past few days and I've been to nervous to leave it up encase it breaks or blows away.

Picture :D (sorry its terrible, it was rushed due to the high winds, i'll get better pictures when I get to put it out)

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