Friday, January 20, 2012

New Baby coming soon...

So last night I put my down payment on my 6th baby, I'm not sure when we will get him home but hopefully soon. He is a Salmon Jungle boa, like my boy Anomander but he is beige and pink instead of grey and black. Expect pictures as soon as he is home :D.

On a more serious note, those of you who are aware a law was passed in the states that can and will forever change the future of the reptile hobby more then it already has. We keepers are in a terrible fight to keep the ability to have the animals we have and we are losing it. For those of you who read this who don't like reptiles remember there are people you know and love who do, there are kids who love them and kids yet to be born that should have the ability to own and love these animals. They are not man eaters, they are not out to get us and the stories you hear are cases of bad ownership. This view of reptiles was maintained in the same way as the view of Pit bulls, with the bad stories getting aired and blow out of portion and the good stories ignored. I have three snakes and a lizard and I can tell you right now they are some of the most rewarding creatures I have had the pleasure of knowing, they make wonderful pets if taken care of properly and that is the key things, just like with bad dog owners or bad parents, things go wrong when there is a lack of understanding and knowledge same as with everything.

Please, please if not for yourself for those you love and those of us that love them, please help us. You might not think it is a big deal but these animals are my children, I love them like you love your dogs and cats, I would be there for you because I know what your pets mean to you, please please be there for me for the same reason. Politicans don't care about how we feel, but you out there know what it is like to love something, to have something that shares a place in your home and your heart, don't let them take them away.

Read up about it, google it, asked people, email people, spread the word. Write to people about it, your newpaper or local tv news station. Call your local radio. We need to let them know we will fight because when you love something that is what you do, you fight for it.

Edit : I found this through some other reptile keepers and think it is very well written and an amazingly informative read, if you want to know more or just need help understanding exactly what is going on and why please read it, and share it.

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