Thursday, January 12, 2012

Normal day

Nothing exciting today, work was pretty normal even though we have a storm on the horizon which seems to send people into a frenzy to buy things encase of a black out that you wouldn't be able to even eat during a black out, like chicken.

We are supposed to be getting some snow and freezing rain which makes for a giant mess so I'm not looking forward to working tomorrow, I hope at least people will spend the day home if they can. For some reason people have to shop up here when it is bad out, back home if it was raining even the slightest people would just go out to eat or stay home instead of trying to drag home a car full of groceries. Up here however people come through and will tell you how they had to trek through blinding wind and snow, up slippery hills, near miss accidents and across the ice covered parking lot all for a bag of chips, it is honestly mind boggling.

I had a scary moment last night, it was Pearl's feeding day. Now Pearl isn't like any normal ball python I've heard of, he constantly wants to be out and roaming with us and last night I made a mistake on my part since he was in the far back of his container by opening it before I was ready to feed him (just had to get the rat). Two seconds was enough for him to bolt out the tub so that when I came back he was half way out, this made for an issue. He didn't strike at me or anything but since I had to lure him back in his tub with the rat he struck it at the middle and ended up trying to eat it that way. I watched him for a bit waiting for him to spit it back out but when he did it looked to be hooked in his throat. Needless to say I had a minor freak out, on facebook and google trying to find out what to do. My fiance who kept watching him informed me that he had fixed himself, figuring he was fine and just didn't feel like letting go of his meal and instead tried to slide himself sideways to the head to eat it. Boys...

Anyway that is all for today. Possibly putting up some game/show reviews either tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned.

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