Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New D90 and my family.

For my first post I decided to do two things, show off the newest thing in my life while also introducing my family. I haven't been into photography for very long but recently upgraded to a DSLR in hopes to improve on my lack of talent. I still haven't quite figured everything out and still find myself 'pointing and shooting' but I really hope to change that.

Since it is winter I haven't been able to really go out and take some nice pictures, something I have been wanting to do since this city has so much to offer (I recently moved but that is another blog) and instead have been limited to my family, my pets. I'm not that big of a fan of children and I am somewhat spoiled by my brood since the majority are very simple. Anyway enough of my rambling, let me introduce you.

Fiddler. He is my orange/tiger SPCA rescue. For a cat he is an odd one, completely attached to my fiance he hates leaving his side and refuses to let us enjoy a movie or play our video games in peace. He is a plastic addict and as of this morning has discovered snow and has spent a good portion tapping at the windows.

Kathilion, Thil for short. She is my only 'daughter', my first reptile and I'm thankful for that. She was a pet store baby and one of the reasons I will never buy from the pet store again, she opened my eyes (again another blog). Thil takes after me quite a lot, she is sassy and if she could talk she would most definitely talk back with a cock of her head and 'pft', typical teenager. She hates her baths and frequently torments Fiddler when she is out, chasing him off the back of the couch, but otherwise she is a complete ham and loves sitting on your shoulder taking in all the attention. (not taken with D90)

Brood (Caladan). Brood was my first snake, a spider ball python and I'm super glad for that as he is a perfect example to bring home to anyone who is afraid of snakes. He is super shy, everything scares him, including himself. He single handedly brought my mother over to the scaly side and now she loves him and his snake brothers. Brood is endearing like a scared toddler who believes in the phrase 'If I can't see you, you can't see me'.

Anomander. He is the fiesty one of the bunch, but what else would you expect from a boa. Curious and adorable his favorite thing to do is climb your face, at least until he smells food. While not my most aggressive feeder he gets very paranoid while and after eating, usually taking strikes at us while we pass by him, or watching us closely aware of every subtle movement. He has never bitten or struck at me, and I don't tempt him while he is in his mood, all that aside he is an amazing example of a boa, both displaying how calm they can be but at the same time how aggressive they can be.

Pearl. My second ball python, and youngest child. Pearl is not shy at all, complete opposite from his brother Brood, and can often be found watching us while pleading to come out, which he will right on to your hand if you open his tub for him. Pearl is my most aggressive feeder, you can barely get his food into the tub before he already has it in his mouth, still startles me. He is adorable and he knows it and out of everyone he loves the camera.

Anyway those are my kids, and a little show of my camera 'skills'. I hope to continue with this blog and introduce you all into my life while hopefully offering you some helpful ideas and opinions. Hope you enjoy and continue to read, feel free to ask me anything.


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