Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days off are starting to suck.

Its so hard to get motivated to do anything, its so cold up here that your hands freeze after seconds of being out of your pockets which makes it impossible to go shooting. There is so much to do up here but no one to do it with, M (fiance) is working and I haven't met anyone who I share interests with that lives close enough to warrant doing anything. There is only so much I can photograph outside from my balcony as its a quiet and small stand of trees which the birds don't seem to frequent, I am hoping to set up a bird feeder though, as soon as I go get one :\. I just want spring to come.

Not really much else to report, nothing interesting really happened, besides Fid getting himself stuck in our laundry basket (didn't take a picture oops). Basically its a standing cylinder shaped object which he can jump into but cannot escape. I was watching Tv and he was meowing ever so softly that I couldn't find him till he almost knocked it over, needless to say he wasn't happy I was laughing at him. Had Thil (dragon) out for a bit to watch some tv with me, she tormented Fid and evenutally decided she wanted back in her viv. The boys (snakes) aren't up to much but nothing new there.

I hate being stuck in a rut where you want to do something, anything but you just can't, I have so many things I could be doing, latchhook, reading, playing around with my camera or just playing something but I honestly just can't bring myself to do something.

Oh well...

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