Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fiddler's Funny Fotos

I'm sure all of our cats do funny things be it the way they sleep, meow or just the stuff they get themselves into just as I'm sure they don't understand why we laugh at them. These pictures are to share my cats quirks but to also spread the laughter he gifts my family with those of you who may or may not have the joy of owning a cat.

*Not these are not meant to be 'good shots'. They are basically taken as fast as possible before he moves so don't expect good quality :P*

This is Fiddler trying to figure out how to help his posture.

He gave up and decided to work more on his flexibility.

This is when he offered to help with the laundry, as you can see he wasn't much help.

And finally this is how he normally naps, be it day or night. I still can't figure out how he breaths.

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